Ever wonder how can you make a great impact on your customer's purchasing decision? Let's say I am a new customer who just found your online shop and doesn't plan on buying anything or I am the customer who already have a previous purchases on your site. How will you attract them to avail of your product or services? Both scenarios have a different approach but when we understand the customer's purchasing psychology when it comes to purchasing habits, we can come up with the right trigger that will influence them to buy your products.


Pyschological triggers.


Web ergononomics

Is your site a user friendly page to browse? Can you easily find the items you're looking for? One of the most crucial part of any website is the home page. Believe it or not, it will already tell you if your business will succeed or not. An easy to navigate shop and an appealing display of product highlights is preferably the best choice over a site that contains a lot of information, animations and unwanted pop-ups. Simplicity is the key. The user interface may appear less important but this could influence how your customers think and respond about your site.

Ease of checkout

This is the crucial part of the entire customer journey in an e-Commerce site. It is important to make it easy for them to proceed to payment. Allow them to complete the entire payment steps by avoiding distractions such as pop-ups or any other cross sell or upsell advertisements. Providing payment options and gateway can make your customer feel the convenience thus setting their good impression to you.

Social feedback and Influence

When purchasing online, customers will check for the product images, description and product reviews. Since there is no actual product that the customer can look and feel, they will rely on customer feedbacks. A customer rating feature can aid in increasing the integrity of the product review and will give the buyer an ease of mind. Social media plays a big impact on influencing others in all forms. Products that are featured by bloggers, social media influencers and celebrity endorsements can boost sales and increase the popularity of your product.

Prefer images over text

Did you know that the human brain can interpret images faster than text with a speed of just 13 milliseconds? The use of images when selling online give the customers a visualization of the item they are buying. Images are much appealing to the eye than by just reading information in a plain text, thus consuming more time on looking for the item instead of having a visual comparison already from the multiple products already been displayed.

Loyalty and Rewards

The best way to keep your customer's loyalty is making them feel that they are recognized and valued. Exclusive birthday discounts or point system feature is a good way to show them that they are appreciated. It's a win-win scenario since once they tend to be more engage in purchasing your product, this will also boost your sales and profit.

Scarcity and Urgency

This is a great strategy in speeding up the purchasing of certain products. These involves displaying that the item will soon be out of stock or there is only a limited quantity for it. Seasonal items can be highlighted and the deadline for an item on sale can be presented by using a countdown timer. Number of items sold for a certain time on a limited item can also aid in the urgency to purchase a certain product on sale.

"Although you can go very far using Pyschology in e-commerce but making things people want definitely beats making people want things. Make sure that your products meets customer demands then you know you're doing your job well", Guido Jansen, Nomad Mage: Data driven decision meets Psychology.