One of the factors that can lead to the success of your e-commerce site is the percentage of how your site can influence page visitors into becoming a paying customer. It is indeed true that first impression lasts. On this case, if certain guidelines were met, your website will most likely improve page visits and increase sales and customer satisfaction rate. 

On this blog, we will be identifying some helpful recommendations on how to effectively and efficiently design your e-commerce site.


Modern and up-to-date

According to WebpageFX Inc., the modern design trends includes 5 factors:

  • Responsive design
  • Parallax scrolling
  • Big, bold fonts
  • Eye-catching images
  • Multimedia

Resposive design is a web design approach that establishes an adaptive layout which makes the website suitable to any device and create the same user experience.

Parallax scrolling is a technique which uses high quality and big images which are moving at a different speed than the foreground background. This is a latest trend on web design which is effective in keeping your visitor scrolling and reading the entire page and provide an engaging customer experience.

The use of Big, bold fonts provides clarity and makes the product description be clearly seen and understood thus, making it easy for the customer to search and get the necessary details he is looking for.

50% of the human brain is dedicated to visual functions. Certain study proves that the brain process images 60,000 times faster than text. Since you are selling online, the use of Eye-catching images is important to the customers for them to have a clear view on the product he is looking for.

Multimedia includes the use of many content forms such as text, audio, images and animations, video and interactive content. These forms can be associated to highlight featured products, samples or preview of products and other appealing designs. However, this should be properly executed to avoid any performance issues and information overload.


There is an existing color pyschology which affects the feelings and emotions of your customer. Ths use of a specific color scheme varies depending on the nature of the product or services that you offered. For an instance, you cannot use dark and boring colors if your target buyers are teenagers or use bright and high contrast colors if you are trying to sell organic items and vegan products. 

Color meanings can also be take into consideration when choosing the right design for your website. Thus, making your product more desireable and appealing to the customers.

White - promotes purity, peace and simplicity

Black - power, edginess, sophistication

Gray - neutrality, formality, melancholy

Red - passion, excitement, joy, good fortune

Yellow - hospitality, courage, happiness

Green - growth, youth, nature

Blue - trust, authority, calming

Based on Color and Cultural Design Considerations, Web Designer Depot.

KISS Principle

"Keep It Simple, Stupid." This principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated. If a customer can easily search for an item, able to navigate the page with ease and proceed to checkout without interruption, then you know that your website is performing at its best! The website's aesthetic must not be overly done. Make sure that your customer can understand your product effectively and the website's performance is fully optimized to promote a better customer experience.